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Starfield player brings Futurama’s Planet Express ship to life

Starfield player brings Futurama’s Planet Express ship to life

If you’re following Starfield’s community, we’re certain you’ve already seen a bunch of brilliant fan-made ships in the game. But, we bet you haven’t seen the Planet Express from Futurama recreated with such attention to detail.

One Reddit user named SP7R shared on Sept. 6 that they’re addicted to building ships in Starfield, and recently they brought Futurama’s Planet Express ship, Old Bessie, to life.

In the television series, the ship was designed by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth and runs on dark matter. While there’s no possibility of fueling anything with dark matter in Starfield, SP7R sure did an outstanding job of recreating Old Bessie either way. We don’t know what it uses to keep going, but it’s almost identical to the original from TV.

SP7R’s creation looks like a giant, emerald transporter with arrow-like spikes on the back. It has one main engine, and we believe it’s flying smoothly just as Professor Farnsworth intended.

Personally, I love the commitment and attention to detail, similarly to the players in the comments. But, every time I see such ideas brought to life, I wonder—how the hell have these players collected so many credits? The maker of Old Bessie has over two billion of them in their pocket.

Old Bessie is only one droplet in the ocean of numerous ships recreations in Starfield. So far, players have made numerous ships from other pop-culture shows, games, and series. Star Wars‘ Millenium Falcon and X-Wing have found themselves in Bethesda’s newest title, alongside ships from Firefly, Mass Effect, and Halo.

It’s only just the beginning, we believe. With more and more players finishing the main quest, they will likely ship to (forgive the pun) [Editor’s note: You are not forgiven.] building their dream spaceships. On top of that, modders should soon start adding ships too, and with endless possibilities, we can’t wait for the results.

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