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Is it okay to have an office affair? Here’s what you need to know

Is it okay to have an office affair? Here’s what you need to know

Workplace romances can be both dangerous and exciting.

The famous office affair that shook the world and almost caused a government to crumble is the relationship between former US President Bill Clinton and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton later admitted to having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ and apologised for it. But there are also people who start as colleagues and then become life partners.

One such popular couple is Melinda and Bill Gates. Melinda, who joined Microsoft Corporation in 1987, met Bill Gates during her stint at Microsoft and the couple got married in 1994.

​It has both pros and cons

Office romances can work like a wonder for some while for others, it can prove to be no less than a quicksand slowly leading to destruction. If you are fond of a particular colleague and would like to take him or her out on a date, you need to consider these few factors before having an affair.

​The feelings should be mutual

Being in love with a colleague is okay as long as the other person reciprocates your feelings. You are lucky if he or she is also in love with you but it’s equally important to accept rejections gracefully if your colleague doesn’t share the same feeling. Pursuing a co-worker after he or she rejects your proposal is not only foolish but can put your career at risk.

Does your office policy approve of it?

Before you and your colleague start dating, ensure that there are no anti-fraternising clauses in your office policies. Let your heart do the talking only after you are sure that you aren’t going against any office rules or regulations.

​Keep your professional and personal life separate

One of the biggest drawbacks of having an office romance is the difficulty in keeping professional and personal life separate. However, only those who can manage to overcome this tricky situation can lead his office romance to success.

Is it a distraction?

Being near a person you are in love with can be very distractive. And when the person happens to be your colleague, be prepared for some less-productive days at the workplace!

Are you ready to face some office gossip?

Where there is office romance, there will be rumours and gossip. You might end up hearing a lot of things that might shock you or take you by surprise. Will you be able to face the criticism of your co-workers?

​When things go wrong

In this age of #MeToo, do we even need to elaborate about the risks you might face when an office affair goes wrong? Like we said, being in love with a colleague comes with its share of risks and the consequences of a failed office romance is one of those.

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