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Ukrainian Ambassador Reacts After Fmr. President Megawati Gave Bold Statements on War and Vladimir Putin

Ukrainian Ambassador Reacts After Fmr. President Megawati Gave Bold Statements on War and Vladimir Putin, Yogyakarta – Former President of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri, is back with her latest analysis of the Russia-Ukraine war. The 73-year-old politician now says Vladimir Putin could end the war in a single day.

Megawati’s bold assessment is based on her personal relationship with President Putin since his day as a city official. Putin was an official in Saint Petersburg in the early 1990s.

“It’s not that I want to brag. I have known Putin since he was a secretary to the Saint Petersburg mayor. So I know he is, if he wants to finish Ukraine in a single day, dang, that’s it,” said Megawati during a political event in Yogyakarta on Tuesday.

Megawati used the Indonesian word “habisi” which means to end or finish something.

The Russia-Ukraine war has been dragging for more than 500 days now. But Megawati seemed unaware of the fact.

“Imagine, this [conflict] has been going on for months, has there been a year?” Megawati asked.

The senior politician also said that Putin is just angry that Ukraine is asking NATO for help.

“That annoys him is why Ukraine is asking help from NATO? Because of what? Because Ukraine is the gate to enter Russia,” she observed.

Previously, Megawati was criticized by an international relations expert after saying the West only provided poor equipment to Ukraine. Radityo Dharmaputra from Airlangga University said Megawati was mistaken and blundered in comprehending the situation in Ukraine.

In an interview with, Radityo also reminded that Indonesia was also seeking foreign assistance when Megawati was a vice president for President Abdurrahman Wahid. The same thing was also done by Megawati’s late father, President Soekarno.

“Seemingly Mrs. Mega forgot her own father’s efforts, including the efforts by the President Abdurrahman Wahid who was trying to get assistances back then,” said Radityo.

Ambassador Asks Megawati To Speak with Him Directly

The Ambassador of Ukraine for Indonesia, Vasyl Hamianin, gave a cool reaction toward Megawati’s statement. He said that Vladimir Putin could indeed stop the war in one day if they pull back their invading forces from Ukraine. Otherwise, the ambassador said, Ukraine will keep fighting to kick out the Russians from their country.

“I cannot read perfectly in Bahasa so I have to translate it [Megawati’s statement]. My first impression was that Mrs. Mega said Putin can end the war in one day. And for this I would agree. If he decides to withdraw the troops from Ukraine within one day, the war will be over. Otherwise, it will be use who’ll finish the war by killing all Russian invaders in my territory or kicking them out of my territory,” said Ambassador Vasyl Hamianin to on Wednesday evening.

Vasyl Hamianin also gave a grim reminder that Russian invasions have killed many lives and destroys public infrastructures, including schools, hospitals, churches, and mosques.

The ambassador said that he is ready to meet Megawati to answer her questions directly about the war situations. He already tried to meet with Megawati multiple times, but her office always refused to have a discussion.

During the G20 Summit in Bali, Hamianin also approached Megawati’s team and asked for a meeting. His request was agreed but there was no follow up. 

“So I would really appreciate it if Mrs. Mega can meet me, and ask me the questions. Or maybe she’s wondering what’s going on. Maybe she has some questions to answer,” said Ambassador Hamianin.

The Ambassador further commented that 30 minutes would be enough for him to explain the situations to Megawati, so there will be no more speculations.

I will be very friendly despite anything,” said Vasyl Hamianin. “So why do we need to make any speculations on anything?”

Nila Chrisna Yulika contributed to this report.

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