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Travis Kelce stars in ‘SNL’ sketch promoting straight male friendship

Travis Kelce stars in ‘SNL’ sketch promoting straight male friendship

“Straight Male Friend is available everywhere…except therapy.”

The way Saturday Night Live sees it, friendship is hard — especially being the one gay guy in a group of straight women. So the solution as Bowen Yang presents it is having a “Straight Male Friend.”

SNL host and Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce plays the titular “Straight Male Friend” in this SNL ad promoting the beauty of a low-effort friendship that requires no emotional commitment, financial investment, or drama. So whenever you need a break, go hang out with your “Straight Male Friend.”

You can see them as much or as little as you want, and even when they do have their emotional low points, they’ll mention it once and never again. And if they do, it’s to apologize “for being a pussy about my dad dying earlier.”

The ad comes with potential warnings like “significant weight gain” or if you have three or more “Straight Male Friends” you may be heading to Atlantic City. It’s the “casual, low-effort relationship gay women have known about for years.”

You can find them anywhere in your area, except therapy.

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