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Sunshine Cruz, Allen Dizon share lessons in love

Sunshine Cruz, Allen Dizon share lessons in love

Sunshine Cruz, Allen Dizon share lessons in love

In romantic relationships, we all experience both thrill and dismay. What’s important are the lessons learned from falling in love.

During a mediacon for the Vivamax movie recently, actors Sunshine Cruz and Allen Dizon shared the important lessons learned in relationships.

“In every relationship may mga natututunan tayo. So at 45 years old, marami akong natutunan pero wala akong pinagsisisihan kung ano man ang pinasok ko at kinalabasan Ang importante rito ay yung natutunan mo sa proseso ng pagmamahal at pakikipagrelasyon,” said Sunshine.

(In every relationship there are things we learn. So at 45 years old, I have learned a lot but I have no regrets no matter what I entered into and the outcome. The important thing here is what you learn in the process of love and relationship.)

Sunshine Cruz

For his part, Allen commented: “Kapag nagmahal ka dapat ready kang masaktan. Bilang lalaki, lagi natin iniisip na strong at insensitive pero same thing with women naman, nasasaktan din. Kung ano man yung mga experiences, nagmahal ka at nasaktan ka, kailangan kang magtira sa sarili mo kung nagmamahal ka. Hindi puwedeng all-out ka lagi sa pagmamahal. Dapat may limitations ka pa rin kasi kawawa ka naman kung nagmamahal ka at binigay mo na rin ang lahat sa taong mahal mo tapos hindi ka naman pala mahal. Love yourself first.”

(When you love, you must be ready to be hurt. As men, we always think that we are strong and insensitive, but it’s the same thing with women, we also get hurt. No matter what the experiences are, you’ve loved and you’ve been hurt, you should still have limitations. You can’t always be all-out in love. You’ll be miserable if you love and you’ve given everything to the person you love and then they don’t love you back. Love yourself first.)

‘An Affair to Forget’

For our family, we will do everything. We will love fiercely, make sacrifices, and endure everything. Sometimes, we even do things blindly, for the sake of saving relationships, for the sake of love.

Witness how a woman’s desperate attempt to save her failing marriage results in more problems and heavy burdens that could ultimately break their family apart. Catch Sunshine Cruz, Allen Dizon, Karl Aquino, and Angelica Cervantes in An Affair to Forget, a Vivamax Original Movie directed by Louie Ignacio, streaming exclusively this Dec. 23.

Allen Dizon

A troubled son and a distant husband, this has been the everyday scenario of Rowena’s (Sunshine Cruz) life. Despite being a good and well-known lawyer, she couldn’t seem to handle her trials at home. Her son Charles (Karl Aquino) often faces trouble – getting into bar fights and being taken to prison, while her husband, 0scar (Allen Dizon), a struggling artist, has been aloof, and Rowena suspects that he might be cheating on her.

To confirm if the cheating allegations against her husband are true, Rowena makes a brave and twisted decision to hire Beth (Angelica Cervantes), a sex worker, to seduce Oscar and report all the details of the affair to her. Oscar takes the bait, and the planned affair goes on. Rowena also begins fantasizing and imagining all the details that Beth reports to her.

Rowena eventually confronts her husband about this known affair, which Oscar denies at first but then chooses to talk things out to save their family from imploding. But this second chance given to their family leaves Beth high and dry, for she turns out to have already fallen in love with Oscar. She then plots revenge to get back on Rowena and Oscar by targeting their weakness, Charles.

Lustful, bloody, and chaotic, An Affair to Forget is another sexy-drama-thriller from Vivamax, starring sexy actors from then and now. Award-winning and seasoned actors – Sunshine Cruz and Allen Dizon, with Vivamax’s hottest stars, Sitio Diablo actor – Karl Aquino, and Biyak star, Angelica Cervantes.

A film by the multi-awarded director – Louie Ignacio and produced by Viva Films. With the storyline and plot twists that await you, this movie will surely be worth remembering – An Affair to Forget, streaming exclusively on Vivamax, starting Dec. 23.




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