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‘Sleeping with separate bedding can save your relationship’

‘Sleeping with separate bedding can save your relationship’

Romance is not always honeymoon and roses – sleep wars are real between couples and can even lead to the relationship crumbling. 

Sleeping in the same bed with a significant other can be and is often the thief of sleep.

Anyone with a sleep partner knows that snoring, tossing and turning, blanket-hogging, and insomnia on one or both sides of the bed can result in trouble falling and staying asleep, and ultimately this can take a toll on both the relationship and sleep.

Edura, a company that specialises in linen in Gauteng, suggests that couples sharing a bed should consider sleeping with separate linen. It highlights that the amount of sleep is not the only thing that matters, but the quality thereof.

According to Edura, separate blankets, as opposed to seperate rooms, may just save relationships. The company believes that to maintain a happy relationship, couples in one bed can stop the blanket wars by having their own individual blankets. 

When a person’s sleep routine and immune system are strained, chances of getting sicker are on the rise. A lack of sleep may even make you fatter, according to experts. 

The reasons given include that when people are tired, they tend to snack on unhealthy snacks and high-calorie foods. Disturbances in sleep can also be the cause of irritability, mood swings, and an inability to focus.

Edura also highlights the pressures to deal with different temperature preferences, saying that while the one partner may love being under layers of warm bedding, the other might prefer something lighter like quilts.

So, with separate bedding temperature conducive to your liking can be maintained. 

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