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Shocking video shows how a megalodon shark can snap a ship in two

Shocking video shows how a megalodon shark can snap a ship in two

This stomach churning animation shows what a megalodon could have been capable of – if they had evaded extinction and lived alongside humans.

The video, created by artist @aleksey_nz, shows the gigantic shark tearing a ship in two with ease.

Watch it here:

The video begins from the perspective of a helicopter flying above a body of water, where ships are sailing along.

Suddenly, a large fin emerges from the water as the megalodon makes its arrival.

Once he destroys the ship by launching from underneath, the shark then returns into the water.

Unfortunately for the helicopter, some of the ship’s material flies towards them and knocks them into the water.

That is where the ‘cameraman’ – and the viewers – are met with a terrifying sight.

The video ends with the megalodon swimming towards the camera with its jaws wide open.

Looks like having a bigger boat probably wouldn’t have saved us in that situation.

And viewers were left equally terrified and impressed by the animation.

You're gonna need a bigger boat. Credit: TikTok / @aleksey_nz
You’re gonna need a bigger boat. Credit: TikTok / @aleksey_nz

One user wrote: “don’t make me afraid of the ocean.”

While another commented: “Nah this actually scared me.”

Others were calling for Aleksey to be given a top job in Hollywood, with one suggesting: “You should be appointed in the Marvel series.”

Another fan raved: “Wow Hollywood needs you! I’m not even joking! Your vision and atmosphere you present in your scenes is something extraordinary.”

And a fellow supporter wrote: “Straight up if you made a movie, I would probably watch it.”

The megalodon is on the rampage in this video. Credit: TikTok / @aleksey_nz
The megalodon is on the rampage in this video. Credit: TikTok / @aleksey_nz

Thankfully for us humans though, the megalodon is long extinct and has been missing from the face of the Earth for over two million years.

Often nicknamed ‘the Meg’, it is believed to have been the largest shark that ever existed – with some being as long as 82 feet.

Speaking about the extinct species, professor of paleobiology, Kenshu Shimadu said: “Megalodon is typically portrayed as a super-sized, monstrous shark in novels and films, but the reality is that we still know very little about the extinct shark.

“Our new study shows that the dietary range of the early Pliocene great white shark is very similar to that of megalodon, indicating that our data do not contradict the competition hypothesis.”

Although you can swim easy knowing that these gigantic beasts are no more, some aren’t so sure that they’re gone for good.

One person spotted a ‘gigantic’ shark swimming in the Atlantic and was convinced that it was a megalodon that had evaded extinction – though viewers were quicker to suggest it was in fact a basking shark.

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