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SF Express’ Online Service Returns to Normal after Brief Outage

SF Express’ Online Service Returns to Normal after Brief Outage

On the afternoon of December 12, Chinese logistics service provider SF Express emerged as a trending topic on Chinese social media outlet Weibo because its mini program and PC page crashed. After some emergency repairs, the company’s services went back to normal.

According to comments made by Weibo users, the outage hit the entire country. Just three days ago, SF Express’ mini program and web page collapsed. Recently, many users reported that their package delivery would stop at a certain site, and complained about the long waiting period.

In addition, over 1,500 comments were made regarding SF Express on Weibo, most of which were about problems such as stranded packages at transfer stations, long transportation times and untimely delivery.

In addition, some users reported that the express delivery has slowed down recently. A web user’s package that was purchased on December 1 was still en route. Recently, affected by the lift of epidemic prevention policies, Chinese citizens have bought masks, medicines and antigen test kits on e-commerce platforms. However, most of them have encountered problems such as express delivery stoppages or slow logistics. Many merchants don’t deliver goods at all, and some packages simply get stuck on the road.

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In an effort to reduce the negative impact of logistics congestion, the departments involved have held several meetings. On December 10, a notice from the State Council requested to optimize the control measures for epidemic prevention, completely cancel the check of nucleic acid test certificates and health codes of truck drivers and crew members. Medical materials’ transportation will be given priority.

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