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Saweetie Gets Candid About Her Experiences As A Black Woman, Feminism & More

Saweetie Gets Candid About Her Experiences As A Black Woman, Feminism & More

“Icy” rapper Saweetie is becoming more candid about her experiences as a black woman.



The“Best Friend” hitmaker recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Glamour Magazine UK in an iced-out multi-colored bejeweled look to discuss hair discrimination and feminism. 

The rapper addressed the blossoming of her relationship with her natural hair. “I just remember always wanting to have straight hair, and when I would compliment another girl with straight hair, she wouldn’t compliment me back”. It wasn’t until the Icy Girl’s Varsity year of high school that she began to embrace her natural hair. 

The artist went on to discuss her experiences with hair discrimination.

“I definitely see a difference to where I’m wearing like long bone straight, to when I’m bald, to when I’m wearing curly hair, to when I wear braids”.

Hair discrimination has historically kept black women from integrating into white spaces, often forcing these women into eurocentric beauty standards. To this issue, Saw says “I definitely think that different types of hairstyles attract different types of people”. 

Saweetie talks about her most recent hairstyle decision, shaving her hair to clear out old energy, meditating, and keeping her mental health in check. 

In the latter part of the interview, the “Get it Girl” star defines feminism,

 “Feminism is a touchy word but I think that it’s slowly evolved to: a common goal of women being accepted, empowered, and equal to everyone on the planet”.

Since Saweetie’s breakup last year with Migos rapper, Quavo, she’s been more vocal and willing to embrace her vulnerable side to the public.

 “I think with “Pretty Bitch Music”, you can expect me singing a lot more and just showing a lot more of a vulnerable side”. 

We’re here for this new side of Saweetie and can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

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