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Saudi Public Transport Authority launches its new visual identity with a new look

Saudi Public Transport Authority launches its new visual identity with a new look

 Public Transport Authority revealed today, the details of its new visual identity, which starts from the present to the future

The visual identity carries the symbolism of moving forward with the slogan “Moving to the Future”.

the new visual identity was created at a period when the transportation and logistics industry was undergoing significant changes.

The new identity is inspired by its philosophical dimensions of sustainability, cooperation, and inclusiveness.

It aims to achieve the objectives of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The new identity took a dynamic form that symbolizes the transition and movement from the starting point to the goal.

The identity expresses the symbolism of integration, interdependence and harmonious movement between all the different sectors of transport and its promotion of the national and global economy as a primary engine for growth.

Three main colors blended into the new logo and identity: yellow, light blue, and dark blue.

This colors blend  give meanings that made a seamless transition and movement, expressing the symbolism of the many forms of transportation  and prosperity derived from the identity of the Kingdom.

The national emblem, consisting of two swords and a palm tree, is a symbol of strength and growth.

The Public Transport Authority adopts innovative solutions to maximize the economic benefit of the Kingdom from the sector as a whole.

The authority aims to support economic growth through optimal utilization of natural resources and ingredients to maximize economic benefits.

The authority is working to exploit Saudi Arabia’s geographical location to be a logistic center linking the three continents.

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