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Sammy Boy shuts down dating speculation with Maureen Kings

Sammy Boy shuts down dating speculation with Maureen Kings

Sammy Boy and Maureen Kings unveiled their relationship through a series of videos on Instagram a week ago.

Kenyan entertainer Sammy Boy has clarified the state of their relationship with content creator and TikToker Maureen kings.

Contrary to rumors circulating online, Sammy Boy affirmed during an Instagram Q&A on Monday, that he and Maureen are not romantically involved, and that they are just friends.

He disclosed that Maureen is his friend because she is a great and focused person and he loves her content.

We haven’t seen you lately with your girlfriend Maureen Kings. More please,” pointed out a fan.

“Sorry fam, me and Maurine are just Good friends and yea we are not dating as alleged. She is a great person and focused as well. and I like her content too,” Sammy Boy responded.

Screenshot of Sammy Boy's conversation with fans on Instagram

The two content creators recently unveiled their relationship to their fans through a series of videos on Instagram.

However, their fans were quick to speculate that their relationship was just a publicity stunt.

But, in a recent interview with YouTuber 2mbili, Maureen debunked these rumors and revealed that they had been friends for six to seven months before taking their relationship to the next level.

Sammy Boy

Maureen confirmed that they had only been dating for a month and that they had kept their love life private until now.

“We are still in the process of getting to know each other because we have only dated for a few months,” she said.

Sammy Boy

Maureen also revealed that they had met on Instagram, where Sammy Boy was getting recommendations about her content. He then DM’d her, and they hit it off from there.

“He was straight up and said he wanted to know me, and it made work easier,” she said.

After just one week, Sammy Boy has now confirmed that they are not an item and that they are just allegations.

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