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Rosita Kwok’s Thanks Andrew Lam for His Mentorship

Rosita Kwok’s Thanks Andrew Lam for His Mentorship

Get On a Flat <下流上車族> was TVB’s sleeper hit of 2022, winning multiple drama and acting accolades such as Yahoo Asia Multiverse Buzz Awards and TVB Anniversary Awards. Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍) was one of the biggest breakout stars last year, which she thanks veteran artiste Andrew Lam (林敏聪) for his mentorship on set in helping her acting improvement.

When Rosita won TVB Most Improved Actress, Andrew was one of the happiest people that night. Portraying father and daughter in Get On a Flat, they were praised for their realistic interactions as a family. Initially on set, Andrew found Rosita as dry as a “piece of chicken” and “she couldn’t cry.” However, the actor found Rosita to be a quick learner. “After I gave her some tips, she improved a lot. There was a scene where I went over to her new home to visit, and all three takes were useable! She’s now ready for any drama set.”

Although Andrew had injured his leg and did not want to go to the TVB Anniversary Awards, he attended with a cane. Andrew replied that he had especially come to support Rosita, otherwise he would not have attended the ceremony.

Possessing a bubbly excitement and vitality, Rosita has a very likable personality and has formed close friendships with the cast and crew of Get on a Flat. She is grateful for producer Kwan Man Sum (關文深) in casting her, and the support and encouragement she received from Andrew, whose acting made Rosita realize “the need to continue learning.” She added, “Elena Kong (江美儀) has always treated me as a daughter on and off cameras, so I am very thankful for her advice.”

Currently filming police drama Death Reminder <奪命提示>, Rosita will be working with former costar and rumored boyfriend Karl Ting (丁子朗) again. With lots of action scenes and a romantic storyline with Karl, Rosita hopes to show a new side of herself onscreen as her new year is off to a fast start.

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