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‘RHOCT’ star Thato: ‘I got married to someone else’ while living with him

‘RHOCT’ star Thato: ‘I got married to someone else’ while living with him

Wine connoisseur Thato Montse opened up about being in an abusive relationship and shared more details on an episode of The Real Housewives of Cape Town which aired on Sunday 24 July.


Rooksy Gqirana and Thato Monste sat down for a “heart to heart” talk about abusive relationships on latest episode of The Real Housewives of Cape Town on Sunday 24 July. Thato revealed that her partner assisted her financially when she was studying and thats when the abuse started. 

Rooksy then said that she never depends on a man, everything she has, she worked hard for. 

“Now it’s clear to me, she’s staying for the finances because she wouldn’t survive without him,” said Rooksy.

However, Thato made a bombshell revelation. She said that she got engaged and married to someone else while she was with her partner.

“I got married while I was still with him. One day i went to Joburg and I came back and I had this huge diamond ring,” she said.

“That’s nothing. Then after that I literally got married to someone else while me and him were still dating… When he got home he found it empty.  I had taken everything, I took my child to school,” she continued.

“I put him through hell and back… consistently,” she added.

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Rooksy then said Thato was the problem and she was making her partner act the way he was acting.

“So, she is the one who is making him act like this,” said Rooksy.

“This relationship of theirs. I can see it now. She’s the problem, she’s the one pushing him,” she continued.

Thato then stated that there is no justification for abuse.

“I feel like you can never justify abuse and you can never justify cheating,” she said.

Thato Montse and Rooksy have a ‘heart to heart’ on ‘RHOCT’. Images via Instagram @thee_real_thato_darlin_1.

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