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Restrictions on cross-boundary deliveries are eased

Restrictions on cross-boundary deliveries are eased

Cross-border cargo truck drivers will from Monday be able to go directly to pick-up points on the mainland to transport goods, the Transport and Logistics Bureau has announced.

The change signals a loosening of restrictions for Hong Kong drivers, who currently must deposit or retrieve goods only at designated checkpoints.

An announcement from the government on Sunday evening came hours after Chief Executive John Lee revealed plans to scrap the existing arrangement following discussions with Guangdong and Shenzhen authorities.

The new policy, which kicks in at midnight, will see drivers able to travel point-to-point to where they pick up or deliver the goods, and there will not be any quota system.

However, drivers will need to make a declaration in advance and test negative for Covid before travelling to the mainland. The government added that the Transport Department will continue to screen them for the coronavirus at the border.

Shenzhen authorities, for their part, said cross-boundary truck drivers will receive a yellow health code upon entry, will have to operate under a “closed-loop” arrangement and wear medical-grade masks. Infected drivers would be barred from entry for eight days, they added.

While most drivers will travel in and out of the mainland on the same day, Shenzhen officials said those who need to stay overnight in Guangdong province must notify authorities of their accommodation arrangements ahead of time.

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