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Realme GT5 launches as 24GB/1TB smartphone for well under US$600

Realme GT5 launches as 24GB/1TB smartphone for well under US$600

The GT5. (Source: Realme)
The GT5. (Source: Realme)

The Realme GT5 is now official as the cheapest 24GB RAM/240W fast-charging smartphone on the Chinese market. The new flagship’s top-end SKU also boasts an Android 13-based UI and “9-layer” cooling with a large vapor chamber for its premium Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Wi-Fi 7-capable SoC. The GT5 also rocks a “Pro-XDR” 144Hz 1.5K OLED display and a Pixel-baiting camera hump with a 50MP main shooter.

Realme has celebrated its 5th anniversary by premiering a new GT-series flagship that might indeed be capable of taking on others from brands such as OnePlus, Redmi and possibly even Google for the first time in several generations.

The brand has now confirmed that the GT5 has secured the same 50MP IMX890 main image sensor (with OIS) as the OnePlus 11, although it is saddled with 8+2MP back-up shooters in a second camera ring. However, it is backed to outdo both the Pixel 7 Pro and Nothing Phone (2) at once with the new Realme x BYD Miracle Glass that melds the smartphone’s Halo LED-accented camera visor with the rest of the frosted-texture rear panel.

On that note, gone is the vibrant racing-themed GT Neo esthetic of yesteryear is nowhere to be found here, replaced by more ‘grown-up’ Mirage Silver and Star Mist Oasis finish options. Nevertheless, the GT5 has inherited the dual fast-charging SKU gimmick of its immediate predecessor.

Accordingly, the world-beating 240W SuperVOOC standard is back, although it is exclusive to the new flagship’s brand-first 24GB LPDDR5X/1TB UFS 4.0 storage variant. It is one of 3 configurations, the other 2 of which have the advantage of increased battery capacity in exchange for the compromise of reverting to ex-flagship 150W charging.

To that end, the 12/256GB and 16/512GB options have a typical battery capacity of 5,240mAh, as opposed to 4,600mAh in the GT5 240W. Accordingly, the first 2 might get more screen-on time out of their flattened 6.74-inch, 1240p, 1,400-nit, 2,160Hz PWM dimming displays, with “Pro-XDR” technology for potentially improved dynamic range and bezels estimated at just 1.46mm in width to go with their competitive 144Hz refresh rates.

The Realme UI 4.0-powered GT5 has been revealed to pack all of its most premium aspects in, going for 3,799 yuan (~US$521) at the 24GB/1TB/240W level. Moreover, the 150W version has an even better starting price, at 3,299 yuan (~US$452) for the 16GB variant or just 2,999 yuan (~US$411) for the 12GB base model.

It is available for pre-order from now – albeit in China only. Then again, of the very short list of 24GB-capable smartphones currently out there, the GT5 has one of the best chances of going global by the end of 2023, as evidenced by the ability to buy devices such as the Neo 3T on

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