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Prince Charles, William to get ‘tighter’ in Windsor amid Harry distance

Prince Charles, William to get ‘tighter’ in Windsor amid Harry distance

Prince Charles and Prince William are in for a stronger bond as the son decides to move closer to father.

William, alongside wife Kate Middleton is reportedly leaving Kensington Palace to live in Adelaide Cottage on the Queen’s Windsor estate.

This strategic move is made to have the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge closer to the current and future monarch in slimmed-down monarchy.

Jonathan Sacerdoti, a royal commentator, told Royally US that this decision will make William and father Charles ‘tighter’.

Mr Sacerdoti said: “So I think they’re probably able to see each other, and be in touch, as much as they need.

“They have offices and courtiers who work for them and help coordinate everything.

“So, I think the tight coordination between members of the Royal family will only get tighter and better, rather than worse, as a result of the move.

“There’s no way they’re going to do something now that would jeopardise their ability to keep in touch and maintain a solid, unified front in terms of how they face the world and carry out the activities they are meant to.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will move to the four-bedroom cottage by end of June.

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