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Pokémon Go players can get their hands on Unova exclusives during European Championships

Pokémon Go players can get their hands on Unova exclusives during European Championships

Niantic has revealed the Pokémon Go bonuses players can look forward to should they attend the Pokémon European Championships this week in London, Excel from April 14 to 16— and fans are in for a treat.

These bonuses, which were listed on the Pokémon Go app today, include chances to encounter Pansage and Panpour—two exclusive regional Pokémon that can only be found in Asia and North America—and increased sightings of Pansear—a European exclusive Pokémon—for those traveling to the country. There currently isn’t any other information regarding special spawns, so there’s no news on if Unowns or other Pokémon will litter the venue at this time.

Screenshot via Niantic

There will also be various amount of items available through vouchers at the event, with free Ultra Balls, Premium Raid Passes, and more to unlock. Players around the venue area will also be able to take advantage of three-hour Lure extensions, double Stardust, and more unannounced features currently.

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The event coincides with Pokémon Go’s 2023 EU Championship tournament, which will see some of the best players around the world taking part over the weekend for a shot at becoming the EUIC champion, as well as locking in a spot at the 2023 Pokémon World Championships in Yokohama, Japan, this August.

More details about the event will likely be kept secret until players attend the venue in a few days’ time. At the Pokémon World Championships last year, attending players were able to snag rare Pokémon like Bouffalant, Throh, and a Worlds-Exclusive Pikachu among other things.

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