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My Girlfriend Behaves Like A Daughter Of A Fetish Priest (Part 2)

My Girlfriend Behaves Like A Daughter Of A Fetish Priest (Part 2)

If you haven’t read the first part of this story, here’s the link. Kindly read it before starting this one.

I made up my mind that I was leaving the relationship so at some point I got disconnected. She saw it and started asking questions; “What’s wrong with you?” You are far away though you’re here. It’s anything the matter?” I kept telling her we were good. I assured her everything was fine so she shouldn’t worry. It was just around that time that my story was posted. I took the pain to read every comment under the post. Almost everyone said I should walk away. The comments strengthened me. It made me realise that I wasn’t wrong for thinking about leaving. Some said she could hurt me. I knew her heart and I knew she wouldn’t hurt me in any way. I was only cautious not to hurt her while trying to break away. 

We got a new place and I asked her to allow me to pay for it. She laughed at me and declined my offer. I asked why and she said, “This is a place I’m going to live. I have to pay for it myself. You’re not my husband, right?” I felt in my heart it was the only way I was going to compensate her for the impending breakup so I pushed her, almost forcing her to allow me to pay for it. She kept saying no. One day I went to her house with the money and she told me she had already paid for it. Honestly, I felt disappointed and plunged into an endless monologue. I ranted until it turned into an argument. That was when she told me; “It’s part of the direction I received. That I shouldn’t allow anybody to pay a penny of the rent. Not even my parents. It’s the reason I can’t allow you to pay for me.” 

“You see where the problem is coming from?” I asked her. “You’re so into these spiritual things that we can hardly relate. The two of us are together yet we cannot connect on a spiritual level. How can I agree with you on things I don’t understand?” You’re on the left and I’m on the right, meanwhile, we are supposed to be a team. Can’t you put down all this juju stuff and live your life like every normal human being on earth? 

She was quiet for a while. She answered, “I understand where you’re coming from but I need to survive. Just bear with me and everything would be alright. I’m not forcing you to think my way or believe in what I believe. All I want you to do is trust me.” 

That was the day I launched the breakup. 

I knew after that argument, it was going to take a very long before we have such an argument again. I told her, “I don’t think the two of us will get anywhere. There are so many things you do that I don’t understand. You’ll never understand me and I’ll never understand you. So what’s the point?” She brushed me off but I wasn’t ready to let the conversation end. She asked, “So right now what do you want?” I told her we needed to look at the future of our relationship and be honest with ourselves. She said, “It’s alright if you want to leave. I won’t chain you to my beliefs and you can’t chain me to yours. Do whatever pleases you.” 

I got home and sent her a message. The message that was supposed to bury whatever we had. It was about our breakup. I asked for it respectfully and told her it was coming from a clean heart. She responded, “In as much as I want this to work, I’m also OK to see you do what makes you happy. If that’s what you want, then go ahead. Feel free “ 

She didn’t fight it and didn’t question it. She just let me go like that. “If it’s meant to be this easy then why did I wait for so long?” I asked myself. I called her. I apologized for ending things the way I did. I apologized for things I didn’t even do. I really wanted to know she was alright and wasn’t angry with me. She was gracious and respectful. I told her, “I’ll be here for you whenever you need my help.” I cut the call and that was all. 

It was the evening of December 29th 2021. I slept and dreamt of her. I woke up and didn’t remember the dream but I could feel I saw her in my dreams. It was a dream and not a nightmare so I took it with a grain of salt. We didn’t talk for over a month but I was thinking about her and what she was up to. 

Somewhere in February 2021, I woke up and couldn’t stand on my feet. My knees were stiff and my legs couldn’t move. They were heavy, too heavy to lift them from the ground. I sat down for a while hoping it was just a passing feeling. Hours later, it didn’t get better so I called my mom and told her. I got a taxi and went to the hospital. They said it was rheumatism so I started treatment for it immediately. 

Days later my legs started swollen. “Or it’s diabetes?” They asked. They didn’t know how to name it and things also didn’t get better. My mom came for me and sent me to a herbal doctor. They started the treatment immediately. I would look at the way the herbalist dresses and start to think of Jennifer. How he applied the medicine on my legs and the instructions that followed made me think of the things Jenny sees when she visits those places. I called her and told her what was going on in my life. She told me, “And you haven’t told me all this while?” I answered, “I’m in a better place now. I should be fine very soon.” She promised to visit me but she never came. 

One month later, the best I could do was walk with the help of a stick. I was growing lean though I was eating well. The fact that I hadn’t been able to go to work all that while also worried me. I asked the herbal doctor; “How is it going? How long before I can walk out of here healthy?” He answered, “You don’t have to be in a hurry when working on your health. Sickness comes in a day but it takes time to leave. I’m fighting it. Give it some time.” 

I was expecting him to say that it was spiritual but he didn’t say anything to that effect. It was my mom who felt there was something to it looking at how it all began. “Maybe you walked on their turf. They put something on your way and you stepped on it.” She started giving me the Jennifer vibe so I started thinking about her. “Or it’s Jennifer. Does she hate me so much? No, I don’t believe so.” I called her. “She apologized for not coming and asked if all was well. I answered, “I can barely walk. I’m losing every flesh on my bone. I’m giving up.”  She spoke doubtingly as if she didn’t believe what I was saying; “Really? Is it that serious? Why haven’t you told me about it until now? Or you think I will make it worse?” I answered, “You didn’t come when you said you will come so I thought you didn’t want to see me.” 

Days later, she came around. She saw y face and she bowed down. She couldn’t believe I was the one in the bed. She went to my mom and they started speaking in whispers. My mom would look at me and nod her head. I was eager to hear what they were saying but their voices were too low I couldn’t hear a thing. My mom came close to me and told me, “Your friend says she knows a place where you’ll get healing in no time. I’m not asking you to go with us. I’m taking you along.” I answered, “If I don’t have to sacrifice a human being or make any blood atonement, then I don’t have a problem.”

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 A few days later, I was in a car with her and my mom. She was taking us to a place she said I would get a solution in no time. It was not far from her hometown. We even passed through her hometown before getting there. It was a woman. Immediately she saw my face she laughed. I got scared. She said something that sounded like “What took you so long from seeking help?” My mom answered her; “We are coming from another help centre.” 

I spent three weeks with this woman and I started seeing a huge improvement. I could walk freely. I was regaining my weight. The medicines were bitter and smelled horrible but each sip worked on my nerve and brought them back to life. I spent a month there and each weekend Jennifer came around. She came with fruits and sometimes food. A month and a few days later, I was on my way going home, throwing my arms around like a champion.  

I came home stronger but I came to meet the loss of my job. It was alright as far as I could walk again. I called Jenny often and said thank you. I started seeing her differently. I started understanding her on a personal level. If you haven’t walked in people’s shoes, it’s hard to understand their choices and beliefs. I asked my mom what Jenny told her that day before she agreed to follow her and she never told me. I asked her, “Did she say it’s spiritual? Something about demons?” She answered, “You’re healthy. That’s the most important thing. Just watch your steps from now onwards.  

When we came back from the place she withdrew from me. Even when I called to thank her, she asked how many times I was going to call and thank her. Maybe she felt I was pushing back into her path so she told me, “There’s a man in my life and he knows about you. I don’t want him to get the wrong impression. He’s the jealous type.” 

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I understood her reason and let her be. We are friends now. Good friends who call each other from time to time. Whenever I’m around any of her joints, I call her. If she’s around, I would pass by and say hello. She would tell me about her job and the latest encounter she had had with the demons and what she did to conquer them. She would ask me, “I hope you believe me?” I will nod but before I could finish nodding she will say, “I know you don’t believe me but it’s fine.” 

When she’s happy, I’m happy too. She’s a good human and deserves good things regardless of her penchant search for spiritual help. I pray what she’s in now works and I pray she gets the freedom she so much desires. 


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