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Master P & Snoop Dogg’s First Black-Owned Cereal Brand + Snags Deal With Post Cereals

Master P & Snoop Dogg’s First Black-Owned Cereal Brand + Snags Deal With Post Cereals

Entrepreneurs Master P and Snoop Dogg officially own the first Black-owned cereal brand. The duo signed a partnership with Post Cereals. P also thanked Post for believing in their brand vision.

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After successfully collaborating together with Snoop Dogg for Rap Snacks, hip-hop icon Master P took to Instagram and announced that they now own the first Black-owned cereal brand in honor of Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 16.

The New Orleans native tried the cereal with a golden spoon while joking:

“I got the gold spoon,” Master P said. “I got to taste something with the gold spoon, this is Snoop’s favorite, Snoop’s on tour right now, that’s where I’m supposed to be at, but I’m at Post right now.”

After facing many controversies in the cereal industry, Snoop Dogg and Master P have announced that they have officially renamed their “Snoop Loopz” cereal brand. They also unveiled new upcoming flavors.

Updated by Nicole Bartley (12/16/2022 at 5:40 pm)

Snoop Dogg and Master P recently revealed that they have changed their cereal brand name from “Snoop Loopz” to “Snoop Cereal.” The two successful business partners also revealed new delicious flavors: Frosted Drizzlers, Fruity Hoopz with marshmallows, and Cinnamin Toasteez.

In a video, the new Orleans native lets fans know the cereal is here to stay. Master P said, “I just wanna say salute to all the fans out there. I know everybody have been saying Snoop Loopz, they thought it was over. The fans, the customers said they was with us to the end.”

P also shared that “Snoop Cereal” and Broadus Foods have partnered with Post, the brand behind popular cereals such as Fruity Pebbles, Golden Crisp, Honey Bunches of Oats, and more.

The new cereal will be available in stores in June 2023.

By Kendall Parks (12/13/2022 at 4:43 pm)

Snoop Dogg and Master P are being forced to change the name of their cereal, Snoop Loopz. Snoop shared his frustrations and added that they built a national brand and have disrupted the cereal industry.

The rappers have taken to their platforms to speak out on the name change while calling out the cereal industry, saying, 

“I know they’re uncomfortable and scared,” Snoop shared on Instagram. “But our mission is to build diversity and economic empowerment. Times have changed. There’s enough room for all of us to be successful. This is bigger than us, we are fighting for the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

“Every time we try to do a good thing they want to shelve us. They want to ban us,” Master P said, adding the cereal business has not embraced change.

Recently, the Long Beach native announced his new joint venture with high-end designer Philipp Plein, and unveiled his new sneaker collection dubbed, Plein Dogg. Earlier this year, the “No Limit” boss and the “Gin & Juice” artist connected in a partnership with Rap Snacks.

By Kamryn Ashli (08/23/2022 at 2 pm)

Master P and Snoop Dogg teamed up to take over the cereal industry. The pair came up with “Snoop Loopz” to add more diversity to the breakfast game.

The box features its character known as Captain Ace, who is described as the Kobe Bryant of Doggerland. 

The package also says it’s a gluten-free and multigrain cereal.

“We’re taking over the breakfast game,” Master P  wrote in the announcement on Instagram.

“When we say more marshmallows we mean, you won’t have to go on a treasure hunt looking for marshmallows in Snoop Loopz. We got the hook up! Our cereal is gluten-free. Also, look out for the new Honey Oat flavor coming soon! 

The more we make the more we give. #GodisGood @snoopdogg #BroadusFoods They can’t beat us, so they might as well join us. We are adding diversity to the grocery stores while educating our people on economic empowerment at the same time.”

Snoop also has a wine partnership with 19 Crimes.

Master P and Snoop Dogg also entered a 50/50 partnership with Rap Snacks

Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, is the company’s co-founder, alongside CEO James Lindsey. 

The new venture with the former rappers-turned-moguls is a snapshot of the accelerating pace of black business growth and collaboration in the spirit of what Kanye West recently dubbed, #BlackFutureMonth.

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