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LG’s new TONE Free wireless earbuds feature Dolby Atmos and Dolby Head Tracking

LG’s new TONE Free wireless earbuds feature Dolby Atmos and Dolby Head Tracking

LG god a new pair of wireless earbuds known as LG TONE Free and included in the range are two models, the T90 and TF8, featuring the company’s latest audio innovations.

The T90 flagship model is the world’s first Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds to support Dolby Head Tracking across all entertainment, which recalibrates the sound as users move their head, for a more natural audio experience and a new level of immersion.

The TF8 fitness model features SwivelGrip technology that ensures each bud is kept firmly and comfortably in place during exercise.

With a new and improved build, impressive battery life and premium audio technologies that deliver an immersive listening experience, the new LG TONE Free wireless earbuds mark the company’s ongoing investment in audio innovation, enhancing the good in consumers’ lives no matter their passion.

“At LG Electronics, we are committed to delivering audio products that enhance the everyday sound experiences of Australians. Since the first iteration of our TONE Free wireless earbuds three years ago, we have continuously innovated to deliver a wireless earbud range made for the Australian lifestyle.

We are pleased to launch a world’s first wireless earbud technology with Dolby Head TrackingTM and a model that is designed to be the ideal workout companion. With unique features Australians know and love such as UVnano and ‘Plug & Play’, our latest TONE Free lineup truly demonstrate our dedication to creating premium, user-centric audio products.”

Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Australia

Partnerships that bring innovative technology to Australian ears

LG continues to partner with the experts and when it comes to audio, the company has continued its long-standing relationship with surround sound audio technology leaders, Dolby and the UK-based pioneers of high-fidelity audio, Meridian.

Through these partnerships, the TONE Free T90 flagship model brings new and improved audio features to Australian ears this year, including Dolby Head Tracking. For an immersive audio experience, the LG TONE Free T90 model is the world’s first wireless earbuds to feature the Dolby technology.

When paired with Dolby Atmos content, Dolby Head Tracking further elevates the listening experience by providing incredible detail, depth, and clarity. Furthermore, the LG TONE Free T90 model is the first to feature an audio virtualiser designed by Dolby specifically for earbuds – an advanced solution that expands spatial dimensionality for stereo entertainment.

Joining the multitude of audio technologies, Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) technology mimics the natural acoustics found in Meridian high-end speaker systems to present a full, natural sound stage with a clear centre image.

New build and materials deliver a comfortable listening experience

In addition, the LG TONE Free T90 model features a new driver unit with the integration of graphene, a premium material that reduces vibrations and clarifies sound. Created in collaboration with South Korea’s POSTECH Ergonomic Design Technology Lab, the LG TONE Free T90 model boasts an optimised shape and lighter weight to feel better in the ear, allowing users to wear the earbuds for extended periods.

The perfect match for the long work day, LG has included a new technology on the T90 model called Voice Pickup vibration conducting sensor, which detects and minimises ambient noises when the user is speaking.

For those passionate about fitness, the new LG TONE Free TF8 model delivers clear audio and intuitive functionality, allowing users to enjoy their carefully curated workout playlist. Incorporating SwivelGrip technology, the form of the earbuds ensures each is kept firmly and comfortably in place, while the lightweight design promotes better air circulation, ensuring comfort and breathability during even the most intense workouts. The TF8 fitness model is also built for the rough terrain of exercise, with an IP67 rating for resistance to water and dust for a worry-free workout.

Immersive listening made possible with next-gen audio technologies

For enhanced immersion, the LG TONE Free T90 and TF8 model features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), while the T90 model includes the Double Step ANC Algorithm and Real-Time ANC Optimiser. Leveraging a new filter with a higher sampling rate to cancel out external noises more effectively, the algorithm can detect howling to minimise unpleasant and distracting feedback. Meanwhile, the Real Time ANC Optimiser (T90 model) automatically adjusts ANC performance by analysing the actual position of the buds inside the users’ ear via the inner microphones.

Improved battery life and features Australians know-and-love

With low-battery anxiety a real concern when it comes to portable technology, LG has designed its new LG TONE Free wireless earbud range with consumers in mind. The T90 model delivers up to nine hours of use on a single charge, while the case itself provides up to a further 20 hours, for up to 29 hours of listening enjoyment.

Meanwhile, for users ready for a workout, the TF8 model delivers up to 10 hours of battery life, and up to 30 hours with the charging case. Both models also delivers up to one hour of listening time from just 5 minutes of charging in the case, ideal for situations where users need a quick and convenient recharge.

Joining the LG TONE Free wireless earbud lineup again in 2023 is the UVnano charging case that keeps the eartips clean. Using an UV-C LED built into both LG TONE Free models’ cases, it is tested to reduce bacteria on the earbuds’ ear gels by 99.9% in just ten minutes when charging.

LG has brought back the Plug & Play feature to the T90 model, delivering improved usability for any use-case scenario. With the included USB-C to AUX cable, users can plug the case into a radio, treadmill, in-flight entertainment system, and a wide range of other AUX inputs to enjoy the wireless freedom and premium sound quality offered by the LG TONE Free wireless earbuds.

This popular function has been enhanced for the T90 model, with a useful, new voice chat function that is ideal for conference calls and for chatting with friends while gaming, keeping users’ part of the conversation no matter where they are.

The LG TONE Free wireless earbuds (T90 and TF8 models) will be available from JB Hi-Fi and

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