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Kim Kardashian Says She ‘Protected’ Ye And Will Continue To: ‘One Day My Kids Will Thank Me’

Kim Kardashian Says She ‘Protected’ Ye And Will Continue To: ‘One Day My Kids Will Thank Me’

Kim Kardashian bore her inner thoughts to Angie Martinez in a recent interview. And the entrepreneur spared little details, including her relationship with Ye.

The former couple had a tumultuous 2021 leading into 2022 and all throughout after Kim filed for divorce in February 2021.

“I definitely protected him, and I still will in the eyes of my kids, for my kids,” Kim said. “So in my home, my kids don’t know anything that goes on in the outside world.”

Kim added that she’s “holding on by a thread” as she works overtime to make sure their kids, North, Saint, Chicago, and Pslam, are shielded from the public conflict of KimYe.

“While it’s still that way, I will protect that to the end of the Earth as long as I can. My kids, they don’t know anything,” Kim said.

It’s unclear if Kim means that the children also aren’t aware of the divorce–or just the innanet chatter about it. She keeps tabs on their children’s conversations and recess time through their teachers, who are “some of [her] best friends.”

Kim Kardashian Explains That It’s Worth It To Protect Ye, Even Though It’s A Full-Time Job

Ye spent a large amount of the year launching accusations at Kimberly. He criticized several key points online, from Kim’s parenting to her brief romance with Pete Davidson and her family and inner circle’s alleged influence on her.

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Most recently, ex-employees from his company, Yeezy, alleged that Ye showed pornographic videos and intimate photos of Kim to staffers and in job interviews. Kim has hardly reacted to Ye’s jabs and taunts–except in certain situations involving their children.

In February, she released a statement calling out the artist for his constant attacks–the latest at the time being about North’s Tik Tok use.

And, during an episode of their new series, The Kardashians, the reality TV mogul apologized to her family for the impact of her former relationship on them.

During the conversation with Angie, Kim agreed that protecting the DONDA musician is a “full-time job” that is “worth it.” 

“Worth it because I think that, of course, I want to disassociate in specific thoughts and things being said ’cause that’s not me..but at the same time, in my home, like I could be going through something, but if we’re riding to school and they want to listen to their dad’s music, no matter what we’re going through, no matter what’s going on in the world, I have to have that smile on my face and blast his music and sing along with my kids and sing along.”

Ye and Kardashian finalized their divorce in November after settling on child support payments and custody. They have joint physical and legal custody of their four children. Ye is responsible for $200,000 in monthly child support payments and half of the children’s medical, educational, and security costs.

And social media rants and statements won’t be the resolution to future parenting disputes. Instead, they’ve reportedly agreed to mediations for those instances.

“One day, my kids will thank me for not sitting here and like bashing their dad when I could. Of course, all the crazy sh*t…not just me, it kills me for my family,” Kim tearfully said.

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