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Karpowership marks International Day of Education with calls to increase peaceful education 

Karpowership marks International Day of Education with calls to increase peaceful education 

Karpowership, in conjunction with the Ghana Commission for UNESCO and the Students’ Representative Council of Takoradi Technical University, marked this year’s International Day of Education with calls for an increase in peaceful education among the youth to reduce violent conflicts—a major development problem that undermines set development targets.

A representative of the Ghana Commission for UNESCO, Polonius Asare, speaking on the theme “Learning for Lasting Peace” at this year’s International Day of Education organized by Karpowership in Takoradi, said promoting peaceful education would help the youth become advocates of change and development.

“As we celebrate this day, we are reminded of the transformative power of education in shaping future leaders, visionaries, and advocates who will champion the cause of lasting peace. Through meaningful education, we sow the seeds of tolerance, understanding, and unity. This would foster an environment that nurtures critical thinking, empathy, and a shared appreciation for the rich diversity of cultures and traditions that define our country. As we embark on this day of global significance, let us reaffirm our collective commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity, empowerment, and dedication to the principles of lasting peace,” he said.

The Communications Specialist of Karpowership, Sandra Amarqauye, said Karpowership, in addition to giving scholarships and supporting numerous educational initiatives since its operation in Ghana, found it appropriate to mark this year’s International Day of Education to drive home the need to promote peace and other positive societal development through education.

“Throughout the years, our endeavours have consistently been geared towards achieving SDG 4 – quality education, encompassing initiatives such as school renovations, mentorship programs, and currently sponsoring the education of 30 students at TTU, among other initiatives. Today, we expand our focus to encompass SDG Goal 16 – the promotion of just, peaceful, and inclusive societies…In light of current global trends, particularly the surge in youth violence, we must confront concerning statistics. According to research by WHO, youth violence is escalating, with a study across 40 developing countries revealing that an average of 42% of boys and 37% of girls are exposed to bullying. These figures hold relevance for us in Ghana, especially during an election year, where youthful individuals are often pitched against each other in the name of political party loyalty and support,” she emphasized.

She, therefore, advised that for peace to be safeguarded, there must be the need to prioritize education, build conflict resolution skills, engage in community service, and develop media literacy.

“Acquire the skills to critically evaluate information, avoid spreading misinformation, and contribute to responsible communication to counteract divisive narratives,” she advised.

The Dean of Students for Takoradi Technical University, Prof. Bruce Amartey, while commending Karpowership for involving the students in the celebration of the International Day of Education, expressed the need for students to harness the power of education to develop themselves and live peacefully with one another.

“While education can empower, it must also be used to inspire critical thinking and promote dialogue. It is within these spaces that students learn to embrace diversity, appreciate differences, challenge their own biases, and engage in respectful debates that foster constructive solutions. Education must enable our students to see the beauty in the rich tapestry of humanity, reinforcing the notion that peace cannot exist without embracing the multifaceted mosaic of cultures, religions, and ideologies. In a world that seems fraught with division, we need to encourage our students to look beyond the surface and understand the interconnectedness of our shared humanity. By promoting education that emphasizes respect, tolerance, and global citizenship, we are sowing the seeds of lasting peace for generations to come,” he urged.

Prof. Amartey further re-emphasized how education can be used to achieve societal cohesion.

“Education ought to encourage students to become agents of change, leveraging their knowledge and skills to contribute to society, to create bridges where there are barriers, and to foster harmony where there is discord. Today, as we commemorate the International Day of Education, let us reaffirm our commitment to this noble cause. Together, let us pledge to champion the transformative power of education, to instill in our students a thirst for knowledge and understanding, and to foster an unwavering dedication to building a more peaceful and harmonious world,” he added.

Squadron Leader Sharif Mustapha of the Ghana Airforce also encouraged the students to embrace peace due to the devastating nature of disputes and conflict.

Student representatives participated in a panel discussion on the importance of peaceful education.

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