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Infinite Lagrange ups its strategic element with new flagship gameplay

Infinite Lagrange ups its strategic element with new flagship gameplay

NetEase has announced yet another technological revolution for its space sim Infinite Lagrange which will allow explorers to configure the core of their fleet – the flagship. This has been regarded as a tribute to all the explorers who venture out into Deep Space and improve fleets’ cooperative capabilities. The new form of flagship gameplay is sure to spice things up in Infinite Lagrange.

At the centre of every fleet is the flagship. Here, using the Command and Coordinate functions of the information chain technology, players will gather data to orchestrate the entire fleet’s fire controls, actions, situational awareness, and all other intricacies to ensure that all the ships work in harmony.

Based on the explorer’s Command Points, a ship will be set as the flagship by default. Every fleet can have only one flagship assigned to it, however, players are free to make adjustments with the flagship when forming the line-up. They can also appoint a completely different rocket, with the exceptions of Utility Ships and Aircraft. Do note that these rockets are unique in terms of the benefits they offer.

Players can expect to find a host of boosts such as continuous buffs to other ships and strategic abilities that make certain tasks simpler. Take the Solar Whale for example. When chosen as the flagship, it becomes capable of making long-range strategic attacks, while the NOMA M470 prevents enemies from evacuating temporarily after being attacked.

The addition of this system adds a new layer of complexity to Infinite Lagrange. There are new map commands to explore and special skills to employ so that the fleets can create more diverse blockades, is better at camouflaging, and excels in ranged combat. It will be exciting to see all the new tactics that come up as different ships are used to create one powerful interstellar fleet.

Appoint your flagship now by downloading Infinite Lagrange for free.

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