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How to get to the High Keep Roof in Hogwarts Legacy

How to get to the High Keep Roof in Hogwarts Legacy

There are several different questlines in Hogwarts Legacy, all of which are worth the player’s time to complete. Aside from the main story missions, players can take on random side quests, Professor Assignments, and relationship quests with a few different students. One of those relationship quests is with a Gryffindor student named Natty, who is set on getting the criminals Harlow and Rookwood arrested for their crimes in the Wizarding World. One of Natty’s quests is called “The High Keep,” and it involves players going to a castle to get proof of Harlow’s wrongdoing.

During this quest, players must reach the roof at the High Keep, which is much easier said than done in Hogwarts Legacy. It has stumped more than a few players, and today, we’ll be helping out anyone who is having trouble reaching the roof and completing The High Keep quest.

Getting to the High Keep Roof in Hogwarts Legacy

The game will tell you to get onto the roof after a cutscene plays that shows the large gate shutting in your face. Luckily, the cutscene also shows some wooden scaffolding to your right. Climb up this structure and you will see a hallway with some stairs leading down to your right. There will also be a busted window straight ahead.

Go straight up to the window, and you will see a large wooden crate in front of you. Equip the Depulso spell and cast it onto the crate. This will move the crate down into a shaft, allowing you to retrieve it once you head down the stairs we mentioned earlier. Once you’re near the crate that you used Depulso on, equip the Accio spell and cast it on the crate.

This will cause your character to also cast Wingardium Leviosa, allowing you to move the crate side to side and up and down. On your right, there will be a wall that leads up to the next level of the castle. While you still have control over the crate, go over to this wall and then move the crate into a position right under the wall.

Hogwarts Legacy high keep roof
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Still having control of the crate, jump from the ground and onto the crate. Then, climb up the wall and onto the roof. You are essentially bridging the gap between the wall and the stairs using the crate as a stepping stone.

The rest of this quest involves you killing poaches or sneaking past them. Either way, you will eventually meet back up with Natty and come across a couple of Hippogriffs who need saving. Luckily, this part of the quest is relatively straightforward, and only requires you to use Alohomora on a couple of locks.

After making your way past the poaches and using Alohomora to open a second lock, you will see some stairs on your left. Take them to reach the roof of the High Keep, which is where the Hippogriffs are located. You can now easily complete The High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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