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Here’s the Relationship Status of Kwame and Chelsea From Love Is Blind

Here’s the Relationship Status of Kwame and Chelsea From Love Is Blind

Happy Love Is Blind day! The fourth season of the Netflix show has just dropped, and fans are already placing their bets on which couples will make it to the end of the show. Trying to find the love of your life without seeing their face first may seem odd at first, but it’s heartwarming to see the cast make real connections and fall in love in their pods.

Of course, some of those connections can sometimes lead to the singles feeling sparks with more than one person, and season four has one of the most intense love triangles ever seen on the show. Kwame, a 33-year-old sales development manager, and Micah, a 27-year-old marketing manager quickly fell for each other, with Kwame even revealing he wanted to stop the experiment early and propose to Micah.

However, things came to a sudden end when Micah broke things off with Kwame in favor of moving forward with Paul. Although heartbroken, Kwame decided to focus on Chelsea, the other single he had a strong connection with. He proposed to Chelsea and she accepted, and the two enjoyed seeing each other face-to-face for the first time. Now, the two are in Mexico with the rest of the couples, and fans are wondering what’s happened with their relationship since then.

Are Kwame and Chelsea from Love Is Blind still together?

Initially, things were going well during Kwame and Chelsea’s vacation in Mexico, and Chelsea revealed that they were the first couple to become physically intimate. However, when all of the couples met for the first time, Kwame was drawn to his former flame Micah, and their conversation seemed a little too flirty for comfort.

Things got weird once Kwame, Brett, Micah, and Irina got together to take shots, with Micah declaring that they were cheering to “a failed proposal!” Kwame took offense to the comment, but after a slightly tense conversation between the two, they came to a resolution, although all of the other couples took note of how long the duo spent talking to each other.

Kwame and Chelsea later had a conversation about how long he spent chatting with Micah, with the 33-year-old pediatric speech language pathologist expressing her displeasure at how close they seemed. Kwame assured her that he was done with Micah in a romantic sense, and after Chelsea and Micah had their own conversation the next day, everything seemed back on track.

The couples are now heading back to Seattle to move in together, so we’ll just have to stay tuned to see what happens with Kwame and Chelsea.

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