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Global Stem Cells Group announces the opening of a new Stem Cell Center in Bandung, Indonesia

Global Stem Cells Group announces the opening of a new Stem Cell Center in Bandung, Indonesia

Miami, FL, December 12, 2022 – Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) is pleased to announce the opening of a new Stem Cell Center in Bandung, Indonesia in partnership with the Dr. Yanti Aesthetic Clinic. This joint venture will be the second in the country as they already have another facility in the stunning City of Surabaya.

The New Global Stem Cell Group Facility is Expected to Transform the Regenerative Medicine Field

The GSCG’s new center in Bandung aims to increase awareness about the benefits of regenerative medicine. Its launch strengthened the relationship between GSCG and the Dr. Yanti Aesthetic Clinic. This new facility is expected to transform regenerative medicine in the following ways:

●       Offering accessible stem cell therapy to Indonesians;

●       Promoting regenerative medicine technology; and

●       Inspiring other doctors and industry experts to explore regenerative medicine.

Top Government Officials Attended the Launch of the Global Stem Cell Group Office in Bandung

The launch of the new Global Stem Cell Group facility in Bandung was a remarkable event in the medical field. The Minister of Tourism was among the top officials that witnessed the launch. Furthermore, the office of the Vice President sent several representatives.

What the President of Global Stem Cell Group Has to Say

Benito Novas, the president of the GSCG, was among the top industry specialists that graced the launch of the company’s second facility in Indonesia. According to him, GSCG wants to make regenerative medicine readily available for patients worldwide. Likewise, the company is encouraging more doctors to adopt stem cell therapy’s clinical and aesthetic applications in their work.

Benito Novas said: “We are dedicated to making it possible for both doctors and patients in all parts of the world to experience the benefits of regenerative medicines. The company is expanding and establishing itself as a market leader.”

The Director of the Dr. Yanti Aesthetic Clinic Appreciates GSCG

Dr. Yanti Kushmiran, director of the DR. Yanti Aesthetic Clinic, is once again honored to be part of this step into the future of regenerative medicine with its second Stem Cell Center in Indonesia together with the leading company Global Stem Cells Group.

Regarding this new clinic, Dr. Yanti says “We are honored to be part of GSCG, which has a more than 10-year track record in the market and a strong international reputation, and to open a second cell therapy and regenerative medicine center facility under the Stem Cell Center brand. We will be able to provide more services to our patients as a result of this new partnership.”

Another GSCG Clinic is Opening in Indonesia by January 2023

The Global Stem Cell Group will continue increasing patients’ access to advanced regenerative medicine. As a result, the company plans to open another branch in Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. GSCG and its partners plan to launch this third facility in January 2023.

About Global Stem Cell Group

The Global Stem Cell Group is a family of several companies focused on stem cell medicine and research. The company uses its network to bring leadership in regenerative medicine training, research, and patient applications.

GSCG’s mission is to allow physicians to present the benefits of stem cell medicine to patients worldwide. The company also partners with policymakers, educators, and regulators to promote regenerative medicine.

Global Stem Cells Group is a publicly traded company operating under the symbol MSSV.

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