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GB news: Former Met officer blasts police for ‘weak leadership’

GB news: Former Met officer blasts police for ‘weak leadership’

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Former Met officer, Norman Brennan was speaking on GB news on Tuesday evening about how the public is “losing faith” in the police. The stern comments came days after the footage posted to the “woke” force’s social media account showed the Lincoln police officers dancing the Macarena at the city’s Pride festival.

Sharing his experience and the working style of the police department, Mr Norman said: “I have been a police officer for 31 years and I have been in law and order of policing for 43 years.

“When I joined the police service, we engaged with the public, we didn’t need to paint their faces. We didn’t need to have multicolor police cars and keep banging them about sexuality as many senior police officers did.

“What we did is we engaged with the public. We woke the beat. We interacted with them, we shared information. We supported and protected them.

“When they gave us information of who committed the crime, we arrested them. That is what community engagement is all about.

Met police

Former Met police officer lashed out at the police community on GB news (Image: GB news)

“What the public wants and what the thousands of police officers want is everybody to wear the same uniform, the same oath, be impartial, woke the streets, protect the public, investigate the crime.”

The fury on the police department came at a time when the UK has been witnessing a steep rise in the daily number of crime cases.

However, Apprentice Star Amy Anzel tried to fit in a different point of view.

She said: “But maybe times have changed. Things have moved on. Maybe we need that now from the police.

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‘The police have lost the streets of Britain… Are we too woke? I’m afraid we are.’

Former Met Police officer Norman Brennan says the public are ‘losing faith’ in the police.

— GB News (@GBNEWS) August 23, 2022

“I mean what about when the police were waving Union Jack flags during the Jubilee? Should they have done that, they did.

“We just need engagement with the police and I think there is nothing wrong with four of them doing the macarena for less than a minute.”

Mr Norman continued and stated that “the police have lost the streets of Britain” adding that “the public is losing faith in the police.”

According to the former Met police officer, the public has lost confidence in the police.


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Met Police

Norman Brennan was speaking on GB news on Tuesday evening (Image: GB news)

He said: “The public is losing confidence in the police. They never see them. Are too woke? I am afraid we are.

“I have seen 43 years in law and order management but I have never seen such weak leadership. No direction, no passion, no vision.

“They are lost and these are the ones who are authorising, supporting, and attending and even one chief constable got down on the knees.”

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