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Done For You Real Estate Announces Partnership With Top Property Management Company

Done For You Real Estate Announces Partnership With Top Property Management Company

Orem, UT-based real estate investment company specializing in helping clients find profitable single family home rentals, aims to improve the client experience through a partnership with Specialized Property Management.

Done For Your Real Estate (DFY) has been helping investors locate and manage profitable single family home rentals nationwide since 2007. Their all-inclusive approach makes real estate investing more approachable and less time-consuming for their clients. They handle everything from locating properties and securing financing to making repairs and vetting tenants. Partnering with Specialized Property Management and leveraging their cutting-edge tools and unparalleled experience will further streamline investments and increase profits for DFY clients.

In the past 15 years, Done For You Real Estate has helped over 1300 clients acquire over 4000 single family rental properties. While many investors chase after faster or more aggressive returns, DFY knows the value of these conservative, stable investments. The company has established itself as a trusted resource for busy professionals wanting to add real estate to their investment or retirement portfolio. DFY educates its clients about their real estate investment opportunities because they believe in the importance of building a trusting and transparent relationship with every client — a set of values shared by Specialized Property Management.

“Our clients don’t have time in their busy schedules to deal with contractors, find tenants, or track down a missing rent payment,” remarked Kevin Clayson, Co-Founder of Done For You Real Estate, “but they know the value of real estate investing. Instead, they trust us to find them a great property in a growing market where their investment will appreciate. We are excited to partner with Specialized Property Management and add their skills and specialized tools to our own. We believe they will be an invaluable resource to our clients.”

One of the largest and fastest growing property management companies, Specialized Property Management has managed more single family properties than any other company in the industry. Their proprietary AI technology helps real estate investors make informed decisions by providing insight and data about leasing, maintenance, property, and tenant performance before they buy a property or invest in a new market. For DFY clients, Specialized Property Management will offer:

  • Expansive services for a single monthly fee
  • Guidance on costs, contractors, and timing for property maintenance
  • Centralized communication about properties regardless of location

“Partnering with Specialized just made sense for both companies,” stated Clayson. “Both companies are trusted leaders in their respective fields because they believe in putting the needs of people first. By bringing together our people, resources, and expertise, we will be able to enhance every aspect of our real estate investment services. And our clients will be the benefactors. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

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About Done For You Real Estate

Done For You Real Estate is a Utah real estate company that helps busy and successful people add real estate income to their investment portfolio or future retirement. They remove the guesswork and heavy lifting out of the investment process, while allowing their clients to keep 100% of the financial benefit of owning investment real estate.

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