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Chiliz (CHZ) 24 Hours Trading Volume Boosted By 195% Following New Partnership

Chiliz (CHZ) 24 Hours Trading Volume Boosted By 195% Following New Partnership

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Chiliz (CHZ) 24 Hours Trading Volume Boosted By 160% Following New Partnership


The 56th-ranked cryptocurrency, Chiliz (CHZ), witnessed a surge in its 24-hour trading volume, experiencing a 195% increase. It comes as Chiliz announces the latest addition to its chain, Blockasset, an athlete-verified token platform. Blockasset joins a growing list of companies building on the new Chiliz chain.

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Source: CoinMarketcap

The token has caught the attention not only for its trading volume but also for its daily and weekly chart gains. According to the data from CoinMarketCap, the current trading price for CHZ is $0.1372, with a 16% increase over the last seven days and a 10% increase in the last 24 hours.

Chiliz (CHZ) reached a one-month high of $0.14 earlier today, a level not seen since February 16th. The year 2022 has been disappointing for the cryptocurrency market, and CHZ has not been exempt from this trend. 

CHZ 7D graph coinmarketcap
Source: CoinMarketcap

On February 24th, the crypto dropped to a low of $0.14 but recovered somewhat, reaching a high of $0.32 on March 30th before falling again. In May, CHZ experienced a decline, reaching a low of $0.08. In June, the price dropped further. 

However, a subsequent rally peaked on September 23rd, with CHZ hitting a high of $0.2816. Unfortunately, the market crashed due to the collapse of the FTX (FTT) exchange, which caused CHZ to drop to $0.14 on November 9th again and close the year at $0.10. Although CHZ recovered somewhat, with a value of approximately 40% increase in the Year-To-Date chart.

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Source: Tradingview

Chiliz (CHZ) Price Driving Factor

CHZ’s price-driving factor can be the new partnership. Global blockchain leader Chiliz (CHZ) has announced a partnership with sports token company Blockasset, which has committed to building on the new Chiliz Blockchain. 

The agreement will see Blockasset become the next cutting-edge project to benefit from Chiliz Labs, the $50M accelerator and incubator program. Blockasset is an athlete-verified token platform that enables fans, brands, and athletes to connect through cutting-edge Web3 social technology. 

The agreement will allow Blockasset to leverage Chiliz and’s network to provide utility and cross-activations for Fan Token holders and athlete token holders alike. The network is building the sports and entertainment industry’s largest community of fans, brands, and innovative developers.

The founder and CEO of Chiliz, Alexandre Dreyfus said: 

We are very happy to welcome Blockasset, an innovative project that shares our vision to reshape the fan experience in sports by using Web3 technology to bring fans closer to their heroes.

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