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Blue Ocean Robot Raises Tens of Millions of Yuan in Round-A and A+ Financing

Blue Ocean Robot Raises Tens of Millions of Yuan in Round-A and A+ Financing

Blue Ocean Robot, an intelligent logistics and management systems provider, has secured tens of millions of yuan in round-A and round-A+ financing, with lead investor GL Ventures. The funds will be mainly used to expand its customer base and develop new products. Previously, Blue Ocean Robot won angel investment from Shenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipments Co., Ltd., a listed company, and round-A investment from Longsheng Jiye.

Blue Ocean Robot was established in 2016. The company provides intelligent logistics solutions for entire factories, from autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to dispatching systems, stereo warehousing and MES systems, among others. It says it insists on independent technology R&D and devotes itself to demand scenarios of the photovoltaic and lithium industries.

The company independently develops robot positioning and navigation algorithms, robot control systems, workshop scheduling systems and MES systems. The workshop scheduling system serves to maintain the operation of the workshop and assign robots and production equipment. The MES system connects the data including on all process equipment and logistics equipment in the workshop, and provides management support for the operation of the workshop after being collected by the customer’s data center.

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The company has served Canadian Solar Inc., JolyWood, Longheng, Longji and other projects. It has production and R&D bases in Guangzhou, a production base in Changzhou, and an MES system and big data center in Changsha.

Regarding its future development, in 2022, Blue Ocean Robot seeks to carry out three key tasks: first, expand customers in the lithium industry; second, explore logistics-related needs in other high-end manufacturing industries such as semiconductors; and third, invest in R&D of next-generation 3D navigation systems and 3D vision navigation robot products.

According to statistics from the New Strategic Mobile Robot Industry Research Institute, there were 72,000 industrial mobile robots (AGV/AMR) in China in 2021, and the market sales reached 12.6 billion yuan ($1.89 billion), up 64% year-on-year.

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