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Bennetts British Superbike Championship: The Winners Hall Of Fame

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The Bennetts British Superbike Championship is recognised as one of the world’s leading domestic bike series. Each year, an array of teams will fight it out to win the title. The main season consists of 8 events and 24 races from April to October. The championship has a strong and rich history and has seen many winners claim the title over the years. This article will reflect on some of the most recent winners over the past six years and briefly discuss predictions for this year’s championship.

2016/2017 – Shane Byrne

If you are a superbike fan, then you have most likely heard of Shane Byrne. Also known as “Shakey”, this British-born rider has faced success many times throughout his professional career. Shane reigned supreme in the British Superbike Championship in both 2016 and 2017. However, he also won the title four times previously to that. He is the proud owner of six titles – and has bragging rights as he is the first professional motorcycle road racer to achieve this.

The 2016 championship was tough for Byrne as conditions on the last race down at Brands Hatch were not completely dry for the open of the race. However, Byrne fought through the pack from 12th to regain his title. 2017 was the year Byrne won his sixth record-breaking title. His last race at Brands Hatch was a breeze for this experienced rider, who brought the crown home once again. Unfortunately, in 2018, Shane Byrne suffered a severe injury that took him many years to recover. Rumour has it he still has no plans to retire, even after the accident.

2018 – Leon Haslam

2018 was a fantastic year for Leon Haslam. It was the first time he had grasped the title after years of fighting against highly esteemed riders like Shane Byrne. Throughout the 2018 season, Haslam accrued 699 points, 15 wins, 4 doubles, and 1 treble, and he finished every race. It is safe to say that many recognised his title win as well deserved. The last race down at Brands Hatch was not easy for Haslam, as he experienced issues in qualifying on the day. He started his race from eighth in the grid but played it safe throughout, which helped him secure the win.

Haslam won the 2018 team championship for his team, JG Speedfit Kawasaki. After he won his title, he moved on to compete in the Superbike World Championship. However, recent news shows Haslam has made a British Superbike return with Kawasaki. He aims to help Kawasaki win championships once again. His return has undoubtedly riled up a lot of interest from the fans.

2019 – Scott Redding

Scott Redding certainly made his mark on the Bennetts British Superbike Championship in 2019. This was his debut year in BSB as he moved over from MotoGP, and he did not disappoint. It was an exciting year for the Be Wiser Ducati team as teammates Redding – and Josh Brookes fought it out throughout the season – for the title. It quickly came down to the wire as Josh Brookes scored a hat-trick of wins during the final rounds of Brands Hatch. However, Redding fought back and won the championship by five points.

After the 2019 season, Redding went on to compete in the Superbike World Championship, where he has remained to this day. Although Redding has not yet returned to the BSB, many fans hope he will return in the future. It has recently been announced that Redding will join the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team for 2022. This has left many fans wondering whether Redding can win on a BMW. Stay tuned to find out.

2020 – Josh Brookes

Josh Brookes is a name that most superbike fans are familiar with. In 2019, he fought to claim the championship title against his teammate Scott Redding – but sadly lost out. In 2020, it was safe to say he returned with a vengeance. Brookes is an Australian-born motorcycle racer who is no stranger to the BSB. 2020 was the second time he claimed victory after his win back in 2015. Brookes won the race on a VisionTrack Ducati Panigale V4 R. During the final race, he had to fight off his teammate Christian Iddon, who put up a tough fight.

It is safe to say the 2020 season was a strange one for both the riders and the fans. The country faced a global pandemic, which meant the season calendar was shortened, and most of the season was run behind closed doors. Although the fans had to miss out on attending the races in person, the championship could still go on. It will certainly be one to remember, and now many fans realise how lucky they are that the championship was allowed to continue.

2021 – Tarran Mackenzie

The 2021 season was an exciting year for all superbike fans. Tarran Mackenzie clenched his first victory after a nail-biting race against his rival Tommy Bridewell. Bridewell had managed to lead the race for quite some time – until Mackenzie started to pile the pressure on. It wasn’t long before this Scottish-born rider regained his position. It is safe to say this final race came down to the wire. It was a moment to remember for all Superbike fans.

Will Mackenzie prolong his victory in 2022? That question still stands. However, this year will be a tough one to call. There are three British champions already competing this year. If you like to place bets on your favourite riders this season, hone in on your betting skills by playing games in online casinos. You can find out more about playing games in online casinos here. It can be a great way to brush up on your skills to help you earn the biggest payout possible from your bets. If you are a fan of Mackenzie, he will certainly be one to watch, and both betters and bookies don’t want to overlook him.


Over the years, the BSB has crowned many worthy winners, from the mighty Shane Byrne to Josh Brookes. This season has already been an exciting one, and soon it will come to an end, but who will reign supreme? If one thing is certain, it will be a tough fight to the top.

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