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Audi Plus+ Program For Owners With Older Audi Vehicles

Audi Plus+ Program For Owners With Older Audi Vehicles

CARMAKERS work hard to maintain their relationship with customers who have bought their products. They hope that once someone has joined their ‘family’, he or she will continue choosing the brand for subsequent car purchases. To encourage this, customer retention programs are important and offer a variety of benefits for owners.

PHS Automotive Malaysia (PHSAM), which took over as the official distributor of the Audi brand in Malaysia in July last year, has been busy not just on new model plans but also looking at how they can serve existing owners. In particular, they want to give attention to owners with older Audi vehicles that are no longer under warranty.

This has led to the introduction of a new loyalty programme, Audi Plus+, which is for Audi owners with vehicles 5 years and older. It is not only for those who purchased their vehicles from authorized Audi dealerships before but also vehicles that have been directly imported or sold by parallel importers (also referred to as ‘grey imports). However, vehicles not originally purchased from authorised dealers would have to undergo an Audi Condition Check (charges may apply) to be eligible for Audi Plus+.

The Audi Plus+ programme offers Audi owners three 10% service vouchers which can be utilized within a period of 3 years after the fifth year of service. Additionally, Audi Malaysia provides complimentary roadside assistance for up to 12 months from the date of voucher redemption.

As the service vouchers are redeemable only at authorized Audi Centres, owners will be assured of genuine Audi parts being used for all servicing work. Genuine parts such as oil and air filters, battery chargers, wiper blades, windshield washers, spark plugs, brake pads, etc are of the same high quality as the vehicles and fit precisely since they are specifically engineered for each model.

Erik Winter, Managing Director of PHSAM, explained that Audi Plus+ is an extension of PHSAM’s on-going customer care efforts to foster an exceptional drive experience for Audi owners, including those with older models.

“Owners can expect comprehensive and seamless service at our Audi Service Centres through this programme, as our technicians have undergone extensive training, assessment, and certification by Audi. In addition to the right expertise, they are also best equipped with precise tools and machinery to inspect and maintain the vehicles according to manufacturer guidelines,” he said.

More information is available at Audi Malaysia’s website or at Audi Centres in Selangor (Glenmarie and Setia Alam), Perak (Ipoh) and Penang (Juru).

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