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ANC conference | Ramaphosa says the branches have spoken

ANC conference | Ramaphosa says the branches have spoken

JOHANNESBURG – Everyone in the ANC is expected to fall in line and stand behind the elected leadership of the ANC.

That’s the word from ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa, who delivered the closing remarks at the party’s 55th national elective conference.

He says there have been attempts to sow division within the party.

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“There have been attempts to divide us, to provoke us, to divert us from the tasks that we must undertake in advancing our national democratic revolution,” Ramaphosa said.

“There have been moments at this conference that have tested our unity and cohesion.

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“But I can testify to the fact that this conference is going to continue solidifying our unity and our cohesion as the ANC.”

Ramaphosa said the branches have spoken by choosing the party’s leadership.

“That is the way of democracy in the ANC. And once the branches have made their choice, all of us are expected to fall in line and embrace and accept the decisions that have been taken here.”

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