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Rarible Integrates Immutable X For Gasless and Carbon Neutral NFTs

Rarible Integrates Immutable X For Gasless and Carbon Neutral NFTs

This week, the popular NFT marketplace Rarible has confirmed its integration with Immutable X. The partnership now allows users to buy and sell gaming NFTs built on Immutable X directly on the marketplace. From Gods Unchained to Illuvium and more, collectors will enjoy a new trading experience – all with zero transaction fees!

digital poster of the merge between Rarible and Immutable X platforms
The merge between Rarible and Immutable X will result in a user-friendly, free trading experience for Rarible users. Credit: Immutable X

Why is Rarible’s Immutable X integration important?

Starting September 13th, users of the NFT marketplace Rarible will get an update on their trading experience. Accordingly, the platform joined forces with fellow trading platform Immutable X.

Together, the two will facilitate NFT trading for in-game assets built on Immutable X. In addition, users don’t have to pay any transaction fees while enjoying a carbon-neutral solution – all via the Rarible marketplace.

“Our mission is to bring digital ownership to the masses, providing everyone with the right to fully own their assets. Our partnership with Rarible is a quantum leap forward toward achieving this,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder of Immutable. “Immutable X is making this possible through seamless email-only wallet setup, sparing users the complexity of learning MetaMask and other types of wallets.”

Immutable X has decided to celebrate their partnership with Rarible too. Thus, the platform has offered double $IMX trading rewards for all collectors trading NFTs via Rarible.

Twitter screenshot of an announcement by Rarible and Immutable X
The Rarible NFT marketplace shared the news of its merge with Immutable X via social media. Credit: Twitter

Are NFTs the future of the gaming industry?

Today, there are more gamers interested in blockchain tech than ever. After all, NFTs are the first tech solution allowing you to actually own and trade in-game assets. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that gaming NFTs are on the rise too.

Surprisingly, data from DappRadar showed that gaming activity represents more than 52% of all Unique Active Wallets. Thanks to Rarible and Immutable X, users are now one step closer to a smooth trading experience for their favorite NFT-powered games.

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