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Prince and DaniLeigh Had A Workplace Friendship, The Songstress Reveals

Prince and DaniLeigh Had A Workplace Friendship, The Songstress Reveals

DaniLeigh has been in the game for a minute, revealing she received a co-sign from the legendary Prince to kickstart it all.

The songstress paid a visit to the Breakfast Club to support and commemorate her newly released seven-song EP, My Side. DaniLeigh sat down with Charlemagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee to discuss her new project, astrological signs, among other topics, until she was asked about her relationship with the Purple One.

The Movie singer detailed her humble beginning, explaining how she met Prince, him co-signing her and in what capacity she worked with the late legend.

“I was super cool with [Prince]. I used to run his Instagram, his Princestagram. That was my first job. I used to post the pictures and make the captions,” the “My Terms” singer expressed. “If you go look at the page, it’s still up; that was me posting everything. He would send me the pictures.”

“I used to do Vine a lot,” Dani said, speaking on the now defunct social media app. “He used to like my Vines; I guess they were pretty funny. I was 18. I knew he was the legendary Prince, but it hit me when he passed. I had a song with Prince; I directed a video with Prince. And we communicated through Twitter DMs.”

DaniLeigh recently dropped My Side on Friday (July 22).

The seven-song project features the fan-favorite track, “Dead To Me,” which received the music video treatment on July 12.

The “Dead To Me” visuals show the singer in an open grassy field, levitating above it all, dancing on an opaque floor piece, and embracing her baby.

DaniLeigh uses the song to declare that her ex-lover is no longer a priority in her life due to treating her horribly throughout their relationship.

Watch the Breakfast Club clip up top and catch the “Dead To Me” video above.

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