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MetaMetaVerse Drops 5,000 Unique MetaShip NFTs to Facilitate Cross-Metaverse Travel

MetaMetaVerse Drops 5,000 Unique MetaShip NFTs to Facilitate Cross-Metaverse Travel

MetaMetaVerse, the platform aiming to become the first metaverse marketplace, announced the debut of MetaShip NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace on Friday.

The collection contains 5,016 distinct NFTs, each with its own set of traits and features, and will play an essential role in the upcoming MetMeVerse scenario.

Moving With MetaMetaVerse

The NFT launch will be held from May 9 to May 13, with a starting price of 0.14 ETH. At the time of publication, each NFT was concealed and was scheduled to be exposed 96 hours after the collection sold out.

Although customers do not know how they look, various details about the collection have been shared. MetaMetaverse offers four different types of MetaShips, which are distinguished by their originality and color, warp drive, sonic weaponry, and nitros.

The total supply for the four MetaShip variants is 5016, which equates to 1254 models for each type.

  • Common: Blue and grey are common models. 50% of total supply posses these features.
  • Uncommon: Uncommon models include additional availability of green, yellow, and red colors, which take up 45% of the general MetaPark.
  • Rare: Rare models occupies 4.54% of the MetaPark, featuring black black and silver colours.
  • Ultra rare: The gold is the most unique type of model, which is only available for 0.55% of the supply.

The cross-chain upgrade MetaShip is one of the collection’s most fascinating features.

While the initial NFTs will be supported by Ethereum, the upgradeable components will be built on Layer 2 solutions like Polygon. Each token ID will be permanently stored on the Ethereum blockchain for the purposes of authenticity and proof of ownership.

MetaShip holders will gain various benefits, including whitelist access; users will be allowed to participate in future metaverse sales as well as additional Metaverse and MarsMetaverse drops.

The world of MetaMetaverse is structured with multiple metaverses. Imagine each of them as a distinguished virtual country built with its own society, economy, games, and governance. They form a full MetaMetaverse ecology when combined.

Going Big in the Metaverse

The virtual world makes an ideal reflection of the real world. While in the real world, airplanes are the common means of transportation used to move from one nation to another, MetaShip plays a similar role in MetaMetaVerse, and it also functions as a passport.

Owners of a MetaShip can travel between multiple metaverses in MetaMetaVerse.

Furthermore, each NFT with varied features will exert its effects under different gaming settings. MetaShips are not only digital collectibles but also provide many utilities.

Holders can upgrade their NFTs by adding and enhancing warp drive, nitros, capacity, and sonic weaponry.

The team plans to explore more exclusive offerings to MetaShip owners. Additional perks include, but are not limited to, land acquisition in the MetaMetaverse, NFT incentive programs, and accessibility to blockchain games.

MetaMetaverse CEO and Founder Joel Dietz is bullish on the NFT drop:

“MetaMetaverse is the first step to building a spacefaring civilization. The MetaShips are your ticket to getting there. We are happy to see many people signing up and getting their ships.”

New Ways to Connect

MetaMetaverse is the first metaverse-oriented project with a novel concept: a metaverse of multimetaverses developed with its own metaverse construction and interoperability language, metametalang.

Participants can, among other things, develop their own metaverse, create their own games, and explore other metaverses. What a great way to Metaverse.

Non-fungible tokens have come a long way since their conception. The digital assets have evolved and not remained the same since their beginning.

These utility NFTs, such as MetaShips, are projected to define the space’s future. Utility NFT is currently relatively unknown, but some experts predict that given its potential, it will acquire universal adoption.

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