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KLG Europe Romania: Simplify expands its logistics operations and opens a new e-fulfilment center in Cluj

KLG Europe Romania: Simplify expands its logistics operations and opens a new e-fulfilment center in Cluj

Simplify, the business ecosystem for online stores, is expanding its logistics operations. The new 1,500-square-meter-large e-fulfillment center in Cluj-Napoca provides logistics services for online stores. Customers benefit from integrated services for the entire supply chain, from supply transportation to product reception, storage, packaging, and labelling, as well as access to the receipt of returned products.

Simplify, the solution based on integrating technology and operational flows, currently processes over 30,000 orders per month, a 55% increase over the same period last year.

”The opening of the new e-fulfillment center in Cluj-Napoca contributes to the company’s growth strategy, as we expand our offer of fulfillment and logistics services for the Romanian e-commerce market. We are pleased to have customers who have tripled their volumes compared to the same period last year, and we expect to end the year with a 20% increase in turnover. Therefore, in order to best meet their needs, we want to continue to grow and diversify services in line with the company’s strategic investments over the last year. As a result, the development of the Simplify platform and integrated digital solutions in warehouses will continue to be our top priorities in the coming years.” says Carmen Vasilescu, Logistics Director.

Following an investment of approximately 500,000 euros, the company continues to develop the solution for integrating supply chain services in order to provide customers with easy access to information. Real-time data, such as the status of all supply shipments, packages to reach customers who ordered online, or stocks and parcels to be delivered, can be viewed via the Simplify portal.

The company is gradually investing in automation and warehousing, and the goal for this year is to make a number of acquisitions and changes to the Simplify platform. Thus, the warehouse area will be reorganized, and new process automation systems will be implemented, such as the purchase of conveyors and an elevator for the platform floors, the addition of validation points, and other equipment that will contribute to the efficiency of order preparation processes for online stores.

 ”We are dealing with a market in which customer requirements are becoming increasingly diverse and complex, and that continues to create operational challenges for online stores. That is why we are constantly working to improve the performance of our services with a focus on speed, so that the companies using our e-fulfillment services receive deliveries as soon as possible,” addsCarmen Vasilescu, Logistics Director.

Simplify’s portfolio increased by 15% over the same period last year, with customers benefiting from the entire business ecosystem: from transportation to supply, to all aspects of logistics – product reception, warehousing, value-added services (bundle type packages, special packaging, labeling or re-labeling), order preparation, and return logistics. Customers include Sneaker Industry, Fashion Lifestyle & Distribution, Sport Couture, GBB, Senses, and others.

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