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India is receptive of our request for BRICS membership: Argentina envoy Gobbi

India is receptive of our request for BRICS membership: Argentina envoy Gobbi

Ambassador of Argentina to India Hugo Javier Gobbi has said membership of his country for inclusion in an expanded BRICS grouping has been discussed with India and “it is being considered”. Speaking exclusively to our diplomatic correspondent Sidhant Sibal, Ambassador Gobbi said, “India has been very receptive to our request.” 

BRICS which emerged in the first decade of this century has 5 members–Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and carries huge geopolitical weight, especially in terms of combined economic and political might. The group is looking towards an expansion even as it has got requests from countries like Argentina and Iran.

The Ambassador confirmed that the issue was raised both during the visit of Argentina Foreign minister Santiago Cafiero to India earlier this year and then again when both ministers–Minister Santiago and External Affairs minister Dr S Jaishankar met on the sidelines of Bali G20 foreign ministers meet.

WION: Is Argentina keen to become a BRICS member, how hopeful you are that Argentina will become a BRICS member, any timeline?

Hugo Javier Gobbi: Argentina presented its request, its formal request to the heads of states, government in the BRICS, to the minister of foreign affairs of BRICS and they are considering our request.

WION: How hopeful you are when Argentina can become a BRICS member? 

Hugo Javier Gobbi: Those things you know… The process is an internal process of BRICS, they work on consensus, and they have to define criteria. There are other candidates who are also participating in BRICS plus and who are hopeful of joining. I can’t know exactly what the date will be, but the process has been initiated

WION: Have you spoken to the Indian side on this? 

Hugo Javier Gobbi: Not only me as ambassador but at the minister of foreign affairs level, different levels, we have presented our request and it is being considered. India and Argentina are very good friends, we have a very strong relationship, and we are strategic partners. India has been very receptive to our request.

WION: Was the discussion of Argentina’s membership discussed between the two foreign ministers in Delhi or Bali?

Hugo Javier Gobbi: It was discussed in Delhi, it continued in Bali. The issue is under consideration, and we have a deep and friendly relationship with India, we count on your support, we have growing trade, a lot of cooperation, in nuclear, defence in many areas and we are both democracies, share values, so I think, the atmosphere is very positive.


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